Rand Barnett

for congress in 2022

Oregon Congressional District 3

Are you running for congress again this year?

Not likely. I've been struggling the last few years to revitalize my software engineering career. I can't get any more work with Flash/AIR and PHP isn't lucrative enough to get me to retirement. So I've been studying Microsoft ASP.NET. As of October 2021, I feel like I've finally gotten over the hump of the learning curve. It's unlikely that I'll spend any time/money on running for office again though.

What did you learn from running for office?

Quite a bit actually. I did a ton of writing and researching. My feelings are that fighting climate change must be based on individual actions. Climate change is the result of all our individual actions; at work and at home.

Energy conservation has a way of leading to a poverty mindset and that is a big obstacle to overcome. I'm a follower of Mr. Money Mustache. I certainly don't think that it is possible for everyone to retire in 10 years. And I think that if everyone bought $10 bread machines and $5,000 cars off of Craigslist, then all those items would disappear and all that would be left is buying brand new things. MMM is way cool though.

I like experimenting with my lifestyle to make carbon savings. I wound up fixing the igniter on my furnace this summer and that saved a good deal of money and will lead to fuel savings this year (compared to last year when it was on the fritz). I drove my $5,000 Fiat 500e EV 2,300 miles last year. The car is not a necessity. I've been working from home for 10 years. But it does get me to some music rehearsals and other appointments.

I have always been a lead by example kind of person. I have not lived a perfect life, but I have a way of wising up when I realize I'm going in the wrong direction.

What's next?

I'm going to do my software thing and secure my retirement. I was looking at my Dot Trombone website last night and I liked what I saw. I've got my music and utility apps and I'm working on creating more of that. I've got my lessons section and that is a good start on that idea. I've been biking 50 miles/week for the last few months and want to keep that going for the rest of my life. I've got a pretty good life. If I can get my career on track here, I should be able to flourish with my artistic endeavors.

Artifacts 2017-2018


The 4040 Bill

A proposal to mandate companies to allow employees to work from home whenever possible. This will take a large part of the responsibility for fighting climate change off of the government and put it directly in the people's hands.

Electricity Tax

A proposal for a 10% federal tax on all non-commercial electric usage. Proceeds will be directed to renewable energy power plants.

Gasoline Tax

A proposal for an additional 10% federal tax on all non-commercial gasoline use. Proceeds will be directed to renewable energy power plants.

The 420 Bill

A proposal to legalize marijuana on the federal level but not tax it on the federal level.

Artifacts 2019-2020

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